Album by Bookeh Books.

This is normally reserved for the couples willing to go the extra mile but I really can’t recommend it high enough.

Bookeh Books is a company run by mr. Petros Sordinas, an illustrious photographer and one of the best album manufacturers around.

The albums come in their own box…
Bookeh Books 01Bookeh Books 02

… ribbon-wrapped. TLC guide also included 🙂
Bookeh Books 03Bookeh Books 05

… and signed after the necessary quality control by Petros himself.
Bookeh Books 04

Enough with words. Here’s some images.
Bookeh Books 06Bookeh Books 07Bookeh Books 08Bookeh Books 09Bookeh Books 10Bookeh Books 11Bookeh Books 12Bookeh Books 13Bookeh Books 14Bookeh Books 15

note: Bookeh Books only deals with professional photographers. Album design is always done by Antonis Georgiadis. All albums are printed on fine art matte paper.

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