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       What is there to write about my self...? The eternal stranger that continually surprises me in his usual sweet and sour ways. He is just waiting there, in the corner, to be revealed infront of my eyes. All this may seem a bit far away from the usual "about me" stuff that is out there but since I dont really like to put a specific tab on the way I shoot, like "editorial" or "photojournalistic", I might as well take a different approach.

       2009 has been a life-changing year for me in many ways. I found my self misled by my ways of thinking and actually decided to focus for the first time in my life. I found my self alone and decided to approach people with respect for the first time in my life. I found my self getting back into photography and... I'm actually finding my self again. And the optimistic feeling of this new discovery of Me, is fuelling my creative enthusiasm for photography.

       This is me. This is my "arsenal". I will most certainly be your photographer but above all, I will be a sincere presence in your life...

    Thank you for stopping by,


    p.s. This goes out to my wife... the one person that deserves to have a smile on her face.

Tree fairy- teaser

Μια μικρη γευση απο τη “σοδεια” του φετινου καλοκαιριου. Επεται συνεχεια… Just a little teaser of what went down this summer. More to come soon…

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The Royal Palace

Μια βολτα στα πρωην βασιλικα ανακτορα. Ηταν μια κρυα Κυριακη του Μαρτη, οταν ξεκινησα νωρις το πρωι να κανω τη διαδρομη Παγκρατι- Τατοϊ. Ο καιρος ηταν τελειος με αραια συννεφα στον ουρανο και ομορφο πλαγιο φως απ τον ηλιο που πασχιζε να με ζεστανει… Εφτασα στα ανακτορα κατα τις 9:00 το πρωι και δεν υπηρχε […]

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